August 14, 2009

DIY T-shirt and a basket of goodies

DIY Tee after the Kat Von D video.Just,love it.For my best friend.

After we made this tee and a few others we went "shopping" at a secondhand near my house where it was 50-80% sales :)) Sales at secondhands? Can you make it better?And I found this lovely clothes as a super loooooooooow price:

This jacket is from Atmosphere and it was 1.6 RON (our money) and that means less then a dollar :))

This .. thing :)) is sooo confortable and it seems to scream for a hug.Love it.Perfect for fall.Also,less than a dollar.

This is my favourite piece.Topshop skirt.TOPSHOP? In Romania? FOR 1 RON? (~ 1/3 of one dollar) !!! 

That's why I LOVE second-hands ! 


  1. Gosh, that DIY tee is gorgeous!! I like it soo much :)

    woow,,U got TOPSHOP less than 1 dollar?

    a couple months ago,I went to thrifted shop at Indonesia, and I got Christian Dior skirt for only one dollar..can U imagine it? hehe
    thrifted shop is always amazing!! we never know what can we get..

    anw,,I link U too at my blog..
    keep in touch dear..

  2. loving the DIY! especially from the front : )


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