September 15, 2009

School outfit + DIY project

Today's outfit.School started once again.10th grade.It's just so lame and boring but at the same time we laugh and we have a lot of fun this first 2 weeks (until we have the final schedule).So,because is warm outside and I must feel confortable at school,this is the ordinary outfit : leggings + top + sneakers + cardigan.Casual and comfy ! What more do you want ?

Today I wore : Leggings + Pimkie "I love myself and this is all that really matters" top (we don't have Pimkie in Romania,so everytime my mom or myself travel in another country I always buy from Pimkie) + sneakers (SH,gift from my sister) + EDC by Esprit red cardigan + sheep necklace from Nana.I have "best" and she has "friends".Lovely ! ^^ 

Yesterday,I've found on a blog ( this incredible Do it Yourself ideea.What do you need ? Just ACE (everybody on this earth knows / own Ace) + a sprayer + a black random top (I use a dress).Then you spray ACE on the top as much or as little as you want.Then..just wait and see the results. I thought the spots will end up white,but for my surprise ,they were red.And I love them this way ! 

The patters looks like a piece  of univers or at least that's what I think . Hope you like it,and for god sake,take the Ace bottle and spray around whatever you want :))


  1. At first I just confused, what ACE is,,and then after see the result, I know what it's a kind of bleach for it?
    In Indonesia, the famous brand is BAYCLIN ;)..hehe

    anw,,Ur dress turns some pic when you wear it..and I've done something like this on my jeans a few months ago..hihi
    If you wanna see the result, here is the link ;)

  2. you look lovely and i love the acid on your dress. fab :]

  3. the love the dress. it's superrrr cool!

  4. Oh wow! The bleached top does look great!! Like outerspace, just like you said. I love it! And the tank your wearing is so cute, and so true!

    Thanks for your awesome comments, your blog is great!

  5. thank you everybody.and a HUGE thanx to for the ideea !

  6. Hi! Your dress turns great, I love the effect. That’s such a great feeling when my project is an inspiration for something cute ;]

  7. aww:o3
    the sheep necklace
    ce draguut:*


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