September 30, 2009

School outfit.

So,this is what I wore today for school.Finally,the weather is just as I wanted.A bit cold,but sometimes sunny,with the wind playing with my hair and clothes,cloudy but not rainy ... Perfect ! I hope I'll have many days like this one.Today,after classes I had rehearshals at drama.And I found out that we are doing a project with a school from Turkey and we'll go there in Octomber next year and we'll stay 2 weeks ! OMG. And in April 2010,ten students from turkey will come in our school and they'll sleep in our houses.How cool is that ? Can't wait !

So,I wore : Vero Moda leggings + Second hand leather + studs boots + New Yorker Top + VETO grey cardigan + Sheep Necklace 1 + Sheep Necklace 2 (from Nana) + New Yorker Hat + Converse school bag + "I wanna be a rockstar" from Berska , 2 metal bracelets from Orsay + DIY studs bracelet.

&& I also found some Second hand goodies .I'll show you tommorow ! Now,back to homeworks ! 


  1. doamne ce divine's astea:O
    mai ales ultima cum i editata si tot:x
    bratara aia cu stele albe i a lu deni
    de la moi

  2. Looknig damn chic for school :D

  3. Adore your gray cardigan and I love those boots and accessories:))

    And I love your beret toooo <3 Looking awesome for school and exchange programs are cool !

  4. OMG, i think i found such a great blog here. =D

    This look is cool.. i love it.

  5. what a great look ! love ! and great studded bracelet :)

    i think it's so cool other students will come stay at your home and study at your school. so cool !


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