September 23, 2009

Dress and DIY

Today,after school I went with 2 girl friends to take a look at the club where we will organize the prom this year (10th graders have to organize a prom for the 9th graders) and we found the best club ever !  After that,I went to my teacher for Cambridge exam and start studying (I wanna take my Advanced Cambridge exam next year) and then I went to visit my grandparents,where I took some photos of my outfits (in my grandparent's workshop - he is a painter and then in their garden) :

Wearing : H&M dress (second-hand) , leggings, Vero Moda cardigan + DIY shoes.

I was inspired by The Clothes Horse style (check her incredible blog here : ) 

DIY shoes.I alwyas wanted shoes from Bona Drag,and I thought that if I can't have them,why not DIY them ? So,here they are .I bought the shoes from the flea market for like 2 Euros and they apllied the studs. Lovely,right ?

+some self portraits in the garden.


  1. ce divin le-ai editaaaat;x
    asai ca daca-mi fac si eu ceva poza
    mi-o editez asa?:>

    je t'adore:*
    draguti balerinii(sau ce-o fi)

  2. love your DIY shoes <3!

  3. Hey, thank you so much for following :) Your blog is lovely! I adore your pictures too. And your grandfathers paintings are absolutely stunning, from what I can see in the pic. Mostly oil on canvass? Take care :) Ayden x

  4. Awww,you're so sweet ! Thanks for helping out on the giveaway :)

    And those Bona Drag shoesss,I would love to have them too. But would prefer to DIY too. And girl,you did yours so beautifully :)

    Going to try that too. And these last 2 photos are stunning <3

  5. great shoes julls!!
    it makes your flats look gorgeous!! ;)


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