September 8, 2009

stradivarius dress

I really love dresses.I think i could wear them everyday (one exception,i don't have enough).So,i thought why shoudn't I mix and match this Stradivarius dress i bought a while ago ? This way,I can wear it more and i won't get cold this autum,even though this is a summer dress.

Outfit no.1 : Stradivarius Dress 

Vero Moda Cardigan (second hand)

Leggins (second hand)

Shoes (found in my grandparents attick :love them:)

+ red/blue/black accesories 

Outfit no.2 (sorry for my face :)) ):

Stradivarius Dress

NEXT Cardigan (second hand)

Leggings (second hand)

Boots (this was my very first pair of brown leather boots)

+ brown / red accesories

Outfit no.3 (no head !! ):

Stradivarius Dress 

Mom's Philip Russel Cardigan

Leggins (second hand)


+black/white accesories 

In the end , some fruits. My favourite for the autum are pears.

Tommorow,another dress,another outfit !

&& sorry for the bad quality of the pictures..when no one cand take me some photos,i have to use my camera and use the self-time function.but the quality is so bad..


  1. awww:o3
    ce dragut te-ai imbracat acolo cu albastru si rosu<3
    si aia numa cu rosu si negru:))
    de fapt tot i fain
    da ce-i cu fata de pisica?
    nice outfit:)))
    it looks great on you :>:)))))

  2. Julien,,I'm about you? :)
    I just can't post anything for these day because of my internet connection was so slow :(..I can't post any pic..huhu

    anw,,nice dress and you were doing great on mix&match it :)..

  3. outfit no.1 is my personal fave..the fact that the color combination seems to all blend is just way cool..well done ;p
    nice sneakers btw...


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