October 20, 2009

And when the smoke cleared,it took her breath away..

Sad day.I found out that a horrible thing happend yeserday.Our neighbours , Dragoste family (this was their real name.Dragoste,in romanian means love) passed away in a car accident.When my mother told me I was in shock :| But my mom told me that only the father died,but 2 hours later my sister announced me that the girl  passed away (she was only 15) .I start crying..and I couldn's stop.My friends gathered around me and hugged me because I kinda was out of control... This girl,Ioana , was one of my best friends when I was little.We grew up together.I still can't belive.. 

Even thought I haven't spoke with her for like..1 year we still said Hi and How are you ? when we met on the street.Now..I look at their house and I really,I can't belive. I never felt death so close to me..Her mother is in coma..but I don't think she'll make it.

But,instead of staying here and crying..I am going to the theatre.I really have my heart and my soul broken,I can't do anyting about it.I'll go to the funeral,on friday I guess..I hate funerals,I can't stop crying. 

(I pose this photo just as a symbol..I hope they are in Heaven now and they can see us from there) 

God bless them.They were so nice .. Did you ever lost someone close to your heart? Now I now how horrible is that feeling...

On the news..



  1. Oh I'm so sorry. Wow, yea that really make you think about how close death can be.
    God bless them ! and you <3 take care

  2. i'm sorry for your lost :[

    i lost my very best friend too, she was like a sister for me.
    she died when we had an argument and haven't really make it up to each other. it's the deepest regret i have in my whole life.

  3. aww. im so sorrry. i hope you get better soon!

  4. im so sorry.
    their last name is beautiful!

    i don't speak whatever language the video was in, so i kinda missed out on the details.

    which vehicle were they in, and how is the other driver? do they know the cause of the accident?

  5. I'm really so so sorry to hear about this. And sorry for being behind in posts here.

    I do hope you'll keep smiling and stay strong and prayers to the mother too:)


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