October 6, 2009


(Me at Louvre in 2007.That time,fashion for me = zero)
Damn it ! I couldn't fix the internet yet. But I will post some photos or even if I can not post them,I'll write something because this blog it's like a diary too.At least,trying to be.. So,today I and 2 classmates made the tickets for the Prom.You know,the Prom we have to organize for the 9th graders.So,this day was more about taking care of this stuff and meeting a guy to sign the contract for the club and then Oana and I went to buy tickets for the theatre.The play is Cantareata cheala written by Eugen Ionescu ... (i don't know how to translate it but's a greaaaat play and hopefully I'll get to take some photos,because I love theatre photos). Anyway,I had a lot of homework today and now I'm going to watch a movie with my mother.I wish you all a nice day tommorow and hopefully I'll get to post something else,not just bla bla bla and random photos from this old computer.


  1. Thank you for following my blog! I love museums.Lovely picture. :)


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