November 16, 2009

My place to dream :Turda Salt Mines

In september , my family and another family went to another city,close to Cluj,to visit the Salt Mines.

Here are some informations : Turda's salt deposit has been known and exploited by ancient times, but it was put into systematic operation of the deposit, by underground mining work, during the Roman conquest in Dacia.The salt was exploited in rooms of 17-34m (56-112 feet) depth and 10-12m (33-39 feet) width, disposed one near the other an separated by a safety consolidation. This system ensured a massive extraction of the salt, but it worked only in those areas where the salt was exploited near the surface. Salt was continuously extracted during the 6 and 9 century, along with other very useful minerals.Towards the end of the 17 century and the beginning of the 18 century, the mining in Transilvania revigorates due to some initiatives of the Royal Court in Viena meant to encourage the economy of the province.

It's a lovely place,so quite and so...divine.Kids are playing there and a basket court is being built. It's umbelieveble how many thinks the nature can do!

So,here are some photos .

(i had my nailed painted in blue that day)

( parents.2.unfocused photo)

(1.salt on the ceeling.2.basket court)

(1.salt looking like snow.2.random tourists)

(1.moooore salt.2.exit sign)

(silly love them)

('s kinda creepy when you enter the mines.2.a place made out of salt where you can pray)

So for sure , Turda Salt Mines is one of my favourite place to dream.If you ever visit Romania,you must see them.

Hope you like them.Feel free to give opinions.Should I keep doing this My place to dream posts or just focus on fashion and Co. posts?

A lovely week everyone


  1. o.m.gosh. LOVELOVELOVE your nails!

  2. What interesting photographs. Looks like a really unusual place! I love piano music too, something special about it. I like your my place to dream posts! Ayden xx

  3. Adore the photograph! Your nails are really something. I mean that in a good way, of course! I absolutely love your blog, as well! Thank you for commenting on mine so I could get the chance to find yours!

    Enter my Chickdowntown giveaway now!

  4. Gorgeous nailpolish!! The salt mine looks really cool!

  5. what wonderful photo's! You have luch nails, wow.

    Much love x

  6. That's such an interesting place to visit:)And the salt on the ceiling photo,wowww! It looks like snow:)

    And I love love what you did with your nails. Yayyyy to blue nails as I'm having them on now:D

    I think you're doing great with your blog. So keep posting whichever you like,I love them all <3 <3


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