December 15, 2009


This is what I wore a while ago and also what I'm going to wear today.The Mayor is giving some diplomas and gifts for the best students (i mean the ones who have great activities , you know, who sing,or play or do sports) and we (ana , me and adi) were invited.So,yes,i'm a bit excited. I never know what to wear when I have to wear formal,but I feel really good in this outfit.. 

PS: My wish came true : it's been snowing since this morning and everything is so damn great outside ! And YES,IOANA was in Cluj today.Love her.And love the big soft scarf I received from her .Expect a lot of outfits with it..


It's 20:00.I'm home again.The hole think with the mayor was kinda silly.We go there..for nothing.We didn't received anything..But anyway,this make me wanna play better and harder and to go as many festivals as posbile.I kinda received a nice lesson because you really need to work hard to get the prizes.And that is what I'm going to do !


  1. zapada + IOANA LA CLUJ!
    ah. sunt atat de importanta stiu.

  2. ce draguut:*
    ce-ai primit totusi?
    ca am uitat sa te intreb:))


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