December 26, 2009

Good morning,sunshine!

Hello everybody! I hope your Christmas was great !

So,what you received from Santa ? Cause I have a black and gold bag,some nailpolish and nail art stickers and of course,money.

But it was very funny how I received the presents.On 25th morning,at about 12:00 a.m. (we sleep sooo much on holidays) my mother came in out room and said : Wake up ! Santa came !. And we were like so sleepy and tired , we didn't want to get up .. But when we arrived downstairs we saw 4 anvelopes in the Christmas tree.So,now we can say that yes,money grow in trees :))


I also made some special gifts for 2 of my bestfriends,Oana and Roxi.I painted 5 tote bags (luckly found in Hunedoara) and I also made some FIMO badges.Here they are,hope they'll like them :

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And , one last thing.I received a great news this morning,that we are going to Albas tommorow,for 2 days ! Can't wait ! But that's why now I have to go and do all my holiday homewors,at English and French and a small project at Physics.

But I'll make a quick post tommorow,before I go ! Have a great day everyone !


"For every person who gets, there's someone who must give."

Jodi Picoult


  1. Wooooo,I always love love the DIY totes that you make all the time,so beautiful!

    And enjoy your holiday too<3

  2. Love those bags! Adorable!

  3. you really do make cute tote bags...
    " our <3 they beat and break "
    Love it!!
    have a great trip ;)

  4. ce bine au iesit:X
    pana la urma le-ai scris pe aman2 alea?:))

  5. lovely blog!



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