December 18, 2009

Winter and friends and fashion

Yesterday was a great great day !

After rehearsals we went outside and start the snow fight ! even tought we were freezing , we loved every moment of it. 

After that,they all came at my house where we drunk tea and eat a bit and we went at Mall with Bogdi,the guy we met in Sibiu.As usual,we laughed a lot .. we are so crazy when we are together ! 

(sorry for the photos,but they are the only ones we have ) 

At 18 p.m. I went with Criss at a fashion show called Recycle/Restyle/Remake and I was very impressed by it.The students are very creative ! So,this is what I wore :

Man's hat + DIY Skull Blouse + Red T-shirt + Ripped Leggings + Boots.

And here are the clothes ! I took some pictures by my self but this are just better.I hope you enjoy it ! 

Tell me,what is your favourite ? And have you ever consider the option to be a designer by yourself ?  Because I kinda did.. 

Hugs !


  1. witeo si pe deniii
    shobolanca xxx

    emonela mea:*
    cum te consumi tu pt nimicuri:o3

    te iubesc>:D<

  2. Wow, the snow looks amazing! Im so jealous :) I love the little tea dress at the top, very audrey hepburn. I could never be a fashion designer, I am too in decisive! Id much rather be a clothes/costume maker, like Im studying to do just now :) x

  3. Love your outfit, lucky you with all that snow, its more than we have here in England!

  4. aww thank you so so much !!
    Oh How fun with a snow fight !! :D

  5. looks like a fun time! with the snow and friends(:

    thanks! i love it too(: it was part of my easter outfit this year.

  6. thankyou so much for checking out my blog! I've never seen the snow before

  7. hahah cool blog and i love the snow pics! looks like you had heaps of fun! :) :)


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