January 7, 2010


I just wanted to say that this blog will turn more in a journal than a fashion blog.Of course,I'll post outfits photos and DIY as much as I can because I'm still interested in fashion but I'll be talking about other stuff too.This blog really NEEDS a personal touch.Hope you'll like it.If you don't,keep it for yourself.

I've come to this decision because I don't like really remember what happend on the day when I wore that particulary outfit,so it doesn't help me in any way.

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For example,today was quite a good day.Or at least,it wasn't bad.I went to school where I had nice classes and during the sport class I (really) worked out.That's new stuff for me.And also I made my classmate's Sebi nose bleed.Ooooops.

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After school I ate some delicious chicken pastas my mom cooked.And I wear only lunch and then fruits,all day long.

I'm off to learn for my physics exam tomorow.God save me !


  1. love this blog, and these pictures are so pretty!

    owl wings

  2. Your blog becoming more of a journal isnt a bad thing at all, youve always got lovely stuff to share with us. I look forward to your posts always! ♥

  3. you look so pretty in these pictures..
    it will sure be interesting to see you add personal touches on this blog :)
    goodluck on the exam!

  4. I am happy to hear that you will be getting more personal with your blog! I love to get to know fellow bloggers more!


  5. Aw Thank you so so much !! :)
    Yes, I do have a flickr account... I try to upload as often as I can there ^^

    Do u have an account?
    I like that you're gonna make it more personal- good idea :)

  6. what was that incident? n-o dau pe engleza, talk on gaysenger
    ps:sper ca esti ok
    pps:ce poate fi asa grav:|?


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