January 19, 2010

Set you free

Quick outfit post,before I go to my french classes :

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fake Doc Martens , New Yorker jeans, Black top, DIY studded t-shirt, Terranova plaid shirt , Pull&Bear necklace , 2 silver rings.

I need warm weather so badly.I'd like to wear only this,without any winter coat and scarf...I don't hate winter , I just don't love her anymore..

Winter,I set you free !

PS: My last DIY kinda failed,but I'm working at a new one! Photos,soon !


  1. I need the sun too! A little tired of the wet weather we have in London D:

  2. Love this! Awesome boots!

  3. Fun jewelry; I'm definitely ready for winter to be fully over!

  4. I love this teeth necklace :) I have one smaller in purple and one biiger in white :) We had a Pull and Bear at our town, but they moved out, I dont know why..


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