February 11, 2010

Drugs,Friends and Rock and roll.

Today was an interesting day .
Two ex-drog addicteds talked about their experiance with those stupid "happy pills" and their consequences.I was so moved about their stories that I almost cried.One of them have taken drugs for 13 years. 13 years wasted and lived in a false reality. I am not tempt to try any drogs or ciggaretts,i think they are bullshit. But mabye some of you are,and I'm telling you that what I've heard from those people shocked me. I've never tought that could be so serious (mabye,if you like to find out more,i'll make another post.tell me in a comment if you do).
What I remember the most from their stories is :
"The drug does not care how rich you are or how poor. The drug does not care if you are blond , tall , fat or so. The drog does not care about who you are or what you dream of. If he want to distroy you,he can.But is your choice to decide if you want to let it destroy you."
"After an experiance like this,when you're lower than low,God is your ONLY support."
"It's known that marijuana is not addictive. It is. It is the first step you take and the last one will be heroin or cocaine.That is why it is addictive"
Hope you'll take in consideration what I wrote here and remember : it's not worthed ! At least,that is my opinion.
After school I went @ Criss.We dyed our hair.Actually,I only dyed 2 pink hairlocks but I'm happy with the result.Then, we did a project from materials that can be recycled. And we laughed a lot. And then do homeworks. And finally left , after 7 hours of loosing time :)).
And that's my outfit :
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A full day,I could say ! Awww,1 day and then WEEKEND ! Do you have any special plans ?


  1. chiar ca:>
    vezi ai grija la sholduri!:))))
    nui fa cum i-am facut noi

    so sinucis?

  2. moving story.

    btw please take a couple secs to check out my blog... it's new and it would be much appreciated!

  3. It's so true, Life is too beautiful!
    love your cute boots~

  4. sa citesti "O mie de farame" si "Prietenul meu Leonard" ambele de James Frey, e tot vorba despre droguri n stuff da nu avioane gen weedu :)), de la acid, crack in sus :-?
    e o autobiografie a lui james frey si tot ce s-a intamplat, s-a intamplat fo sho! merita citite, atata am plaaaaans la ele :|
    ohh si sa dai un buzz pe mess or smth ca nu te-am mai vazut si trebuie sa vorbesc cu tine like mega repede :|

  5. That was an amazing story! I think drugs and cigarettes are ridiculous too..

  6. yeah drugs are retarted!!!
    pink hair so awesome
    love your plaid and hat!

  7. Pink hair is so cute, love your shirt.

    Thanks for putting me in your blogroll, you are now on mine :)


  8. thanks for dropping comment on my blog. ohh i'm too lazy to clean it up every once a week like you xD


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