February 27, 2010

Romanian 100%

Romanian movie.
It has been kind of a tabu subject for the other countries.But not anymore.
Here are 2 great , great movies. First one, Nunta Muta (Silent Wedding) is my favourite romanian movie.All about life at country side & communism.A big drama,but filled with funny scenes.
And the second one,a newer movie called "When I want to whistle,I whistle" it's going to be on our cinemas in March.Can not wait !
I am very content with the direction the romanian movie is going now.I am confifent that our young directors will do a great job , making their movies well-known abroad.
Look at the trailers,and tell me your opinion ! Hugs !


  1. mm that second one looks enticing. i'd have to be in the mood for a drama, naturally.

  2. hey julls. :)

    oh thank you for being a follower of my blog's. it'll just be delightful to have people who are visiting your blog, see my blog name under your blog list so they can directly click to get to my blog if they're appealed.

    by the way, I haven't watched any of the two movies. but sure I'll look for them, thanks for the review!

  3. I'll def have to check out these movies sometime! x


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