March 6, 2010


Hello everyone ! What's up this weekend ? Mine is going on pretty well because my cousin is in town.We've gone shopping and we have returned a couple of hours ago.Not a goodie,tough.But I've rearranged my whole closet,and I promisse you, more and different outfits are about to come :)
Here is what I wore today.I must get rid of that grey hat,I wear it tooo much.But it's the perfect way to keep my sometimes-dirty hair out of your field of vision.
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AND due to Valencia Lia 's kindness,I have a LOOKBOOK.NU account now :)
Wish me luck and follow me :) !


  1. mi tu:O
    chen ai ghet sam?
    si eu vreau lookbuck ala:))
    i wanna be famous

  2. oh i love your blazer. It looks so special with it's details. Very cute on you and that hat too, don't get rid of it.And the sling bag made the whole outfit so relaxed and fun. I love sling bags too.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  3. Your blazer is to die for! So nice and original.
    Have a nice day! :]

  4. This outfit is so cool!Just discovered your blogg, great stuff!xxx

  5. this post is amazing
    love all the necklaces here
    and that blazer!!!


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