July 18, 2010

Summer in my childhood.

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1.We all celebrated Halloween on 30 August each year, if I remeber right - because me, my sister and my cousin spent only our summers and Easter holidays in our grandparents village so it was kinda impossible to celebrate in October. . Dressed like ghosts or other evil spirits from our imagination , holiding pumkins and candels we used to hide and scare the people who were on out street.That was fun.I miss that.
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2. Dragos , Mircea , me and my sister - we were forced to wear our national costumes to church on Sunday morning . And we still wear them... But we looked nicer when we were kids.Oh,good day..
PS: I tag anyone who wants to remember about their childhood !
PSS: Happy Birthday Mia ! Check out her blog @


  1. That sounds so fun, Indonesians don't celebrate Halloweens :( you were such a cute kid! :D

  2. You all look so cute! I love childhood pictures.

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!

  3. That's so sweet that you celebrated a month early! Ah old photos are so interesting to look back on, you have me tempted!

  4. what a beautiful pictures
    i love looking at my childhood pictures too!
    the second pic is way too cute



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