June 9, 2011

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. - Mark Twain.

Hello and welcome my dear followers !
School is almost finished and I must start my reading plan for this summer.
I just love the feeling of freedom when I am in my grandparent's garden, reading on a blanket,eating apples. I've always loved reading - I belive this is the only activity that allows you to use your imagination at its limits. I've also been interesting in how people percive the same book.
I've just finished the first volume of Les Miserables written by Victor Hugo (it is for sure one of the best novel ever) and I'd love to read another book before I start the second volume.
So, what books do you like and what titles would you recommend me ?
Yours truly,
Julls ♥


  1. Im loving your new layout! I have to confess Im a terrible reader... and I hope I can improve that this year... so If you can recomend me one, would be lovely.
    Kisses dear :)

  2. cum a fost cartea?ma gandeam sa o citesc si eu...
    mie imi plac cartile scrise de sophie kinsella,mi se par perfecte pentru vacanta^^
    in legatura cu tricoul pictat de tine,ce fel de culori ai folosit?

  3. First of all, great new layout!

    Secondly I love the background in these pics, they look amazing :).

    I adore reading too, can't wait for the exams to be over so I can concentrate on that.


  4. Amazing, we lovee these pictures!
    You look great:)


  5. you look lovely!!!

  6. I love these photos! Ah, your grandparents garden is just lovely and I adore your dress!
    I definitely need to get around to reading Les Miserables. I still have yet to start my first novel of the Summer. xx

  7. so adorable. I adore anything by sarra manning (esp let's get lost). x hivenn

  8. This is so cute! Love the lush green background :D
    I read Les Miserables last year for school and I loved it!

  9. cute photos, love the romper!
    guilty here, not a big reader...but i'm planning on reading some books about philosophy this summer...if i have the time. and if that happens it would be in the garden as well:))

  10. Si eu de abia astept sa vina vara ca sa pot citi absolut tot ce vreau, mai ales ca perioada de dinainte de BAC nu prea imi permite sa citesc..deloc! :(

  11. mandrie si prejudecata , de jane austen...Daca nu ai citit'o , hurry up!

  12. firt that romper looks so cute on you , i usually read magazines hahahah but a good book is always welcome in my life .


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