November 6, 2011

I love you, Samuel Beckett !


I usually don't talk too much about my private life here on the blog but this is too important not to be written down. Mabye some of you know this : my biggest passion in life, after fashion or ahead of it (i can't decide) is theatre.I've been acting since 1st grade and not only once I was convinced I will keep on acting  for the rest of my life. But even tough I decided to follow another direction , this passion didn't leave me. Therefore, this weekend we played in a local festival and the judges were all actors and teachers at the Theatre and Television faculty , here in Cluj. You can't imagine how elated I was when we won 5 prizes : BEST ACTOR, BEST ACTRESS, BEST COSTUMES & SCENOGRAPHY , BEST STAGE DIRECTION AND BEST ACT ! We played Samuel Beckett's ALL THAT FALL, a radiophonic play..

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for my English teacher (the director), my team mates : Adi, Ana, Criss and Andrei and to the judges who made my day brighter. LONG LIVE THE THEATRE ! 

PS: Tomorrow : outfit post , so STAY TUNED :x

Yours truly, Julls ♥


  1. Wow...congratulations,hon!A big round of applause!

  2. Wow well done! That's an amazing achievement. Love these photos from your day.

  3. wow ! great pics. hope you can reach your passion !! :)

  4. OH!!!! I thought there was something special about you, little lady! I love theatre too, well going to it, I would make an awful actor! I hope you'll keep on believing in this passion of yours, talent is so rare, it's really a blessing!:)

  5. Thank you dear girls :* Of course I will keep on acting as much as I can because I can't imagine my life without it.

  6. oooh fantastic blog, and cute style!!!!I follow you!!!! :)


  7. @ Sivi : Thank you dear, I've just clicked the follow button on your blog too !

  8. Congratulations love!!! That is amazing, you should feel so proud of yourself. I love the touch of red in your costume as well :)

    Alexandra xo

  9. Love the red hat! :)

  10. interesting post... love that!

    Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  11. woooo thanks for sharing with us that part of your life that means so much to you.
    loved the pictures!

  12. Oh wow I didn't knew that :D You look so different and I wished I could've see you there :D And congratulations for the awards!! :D:X


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