December 26, 2012

DECEMBER BEAUTY | 26.12.2012




For me, the week between Christmas and New Year's eve is the most magical. Everything is shinning around me and everyone is having a wonderful time. This can only inspire me to feel and look at my very best. 
Mabye it is just a guily pleasure o' mine but I really want to feel glamourous during this period - this means : wearing my best clothes, my best makeup, doing my hair daily and so on. This year, we received and bought some really pretty beauty product which are a real help in acheiving the fancy look. 
Hope you'll enjoy this post and if you forgot to buy a gift for a lady in your life, these would be a lovely surprise! xx


Perioada dintre Crăciun şi Revelion mi se pare cea mai elegantă şi pretenţioasă. Pentru mine, e singura dată când pot să port zilnic haine elegante fără să mă întrebe lumea dacă mă duc la biserică sau la un interviu. Aşa că profit la maxim ! Anul acesta am primit  (defapt marea parte sunt primite de mama) nişte produse fooooarte drăguţe pentru îngrijirea personală care mă ajută să obţin zi de zi look-ul  boem pe care mi-l doresc.
Sper să vă placă postarea asta, e prima oară când fac aşa ceva :) Şi sper că vă vor plăcea şi produsele, eu sunt 100% îndrăgostită de ele. Sărbători frumoase în continuare !


1. Vichy Idealia Smooting & Illuminating Cream - this pink cream is perfect for the holiday season ! It smells like raspberries and it makes your face so soft and ready to shine !


2. L'oreal 106 Versailles Gold Nailpolish - looking absolutely gorgeous on my nails. The color is perfect, it feels like I am wearing Christmas globes on each nail. Also, this is my favourite nailpolish brand e-v-e-r. The brush is wider than the usual ones so you can apply it in 3 seconds - no extra stains, no dirty hands , no stress. MUST HAVE !


3. Chanel CHANCE Eau de Toilette - stole it from my mom makeup table from second one. I adore its smell and how delicate is it although it persists on your skin the entire day. Every girl should have this, trust me. 


4. VICHY Idealia Pro Dark Spots Corrector - I use it before puting my make up on because it gives me that even toned, radiant skin I crave for. It comes in a pump dispenser and it is so easy to use !

5.And last but definitely not least, Maybelline Afinitone Foundation - no day passes without it. In winter, it is really important to protect your face from wind and cold and a good foundation truly helps. This foundation is very dear to me bcause it last so much on my face, I don't have to use a tone to have that porcelain look and it affordable. Three essential things, all touched by this product. Love it. 

Hope you liked it ! I'll be back soon xx 

Yours truly, Julls ♥
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  1. Foarte dragut machiajul tau. E perfect pentru Craciun :)
    Sarbatori fericite!

  2. Yes this is a very magical time! I love this time of year. Love your pretty pink lipstick!


  3. gorgeous post! merry christmas!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  4. I love the color of the nails! it looks so natural!

  5. good posttttt!!! You can follow me in


  6. Frumoasa postarea, in stilul Cherry blossom girl.:)))


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