August 31, 2009

Items for fall .

Well,first of all.I promisse I'll show the clothes I bought from my trips.But I decided to show you all the items for fall.I went at the mall and I bought several things.So,here we go :

1.Eye-glasses.Needed a new pair because I lost the other one :(

2.Tank tops : Strawberries,Black,Leopard print.They were all on sale,so i got them for like 1 US Dollar. 

3.Black "Armani" tank top (from my 2nd trip - i dunno how original is that armani top but it's really confortable and i love the fabric).Leopard print leggings.White Tee(sales as well).

4.Same top (sorry,my mistake).Yellow jeans for like what,7 $ ?(<33333).white>

5.Pants from EDC by Esprit.Love the little Sagittarius detail.My beloved sign ! (2nd trip for 1RON = a few cents)

6.Leather bag.First trip <333

7.Singapore Airlines tote bag.Perfect for school.Air-hostess bag. (2nd trip)

8.Leather bag.Love the traditional inspiration.My dad gave it to me in out 2nd trip.

9.BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS.Pure love from 2nd trip.For just 10 dollars !

10.Leather Boots from my first trip ! I fell so lucky i found them for 20 dollars ! Fav. item ever !

Nails.Music notes nails ! 

Last shoot.Alien ! Kisses,and thank's for reading this/if you did ! Now i'm ready to fall for fall !

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  1. woow..all of those were great stuffs!!
    I really heart the leopard tank and boots!! you're so lucky dear :)


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