August 28, 2009

Trip no.2

After coming back from my grandparent's village I spent 1 night home and then we drove to the small village called Albac,in the mountines to visit our relatives for 4 days. Everything there is just so peacefull and incredible.I run bare foot and I ate traditional food,played RUMMY all day long and stuff like this. I even get to "visit" some SH shopsh where I also found some incredible pieces : a pair of boots,some pretty underwear , a couple of bags,tops and stuff like this. But the last day there wasn't so great ... I ate something very salty (I ussualy don't eat salty) and I ended up in the hospital , after vomiting for 14 times (yeap,it was horrible) and with 4 perfusions... That was a lesson and from now on i'll be more carefull with what I eat.

Anyway,I'm fine now,I was sleeping a lot lately and here are some photos from my second trip :

My dad and my uncle playing cards all day long :

My sister :
On the road !

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  1. Thank you for the sweet comment :)
    Noo, I don't have any polaroid filsm right now - they are indeed so hard to find! You can get them on ebay but obviously because they're not manufactured anymore they're reeeally expensive. I don't know if you've heard about the Impossible Project but they're working to bring Polaroid film back (and so that it's cheap!):
    I'm just waiting on that haha x


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