August 27, 2009

Trip no.1

Travelling all day long !

I'm finally home from my trips.My first trip this month was at my grandparent's village Barsana,in the beautiful Maramures region.I went there with my parents and my sister and we spent there 5 beautiful days.One day we visit the Barsana Monastery (we always visit it) , one day we visit Sighetu Marmatiei city and we went swimming everyday ! 

While I was visiting Sighet we found a Secondhand store where I found the best leather boots.They are just amazing . I also found 2 pair of leggins,I little black purse , an old man Tee with Che Guevara (DIY project coming soon) and some cute scarfs.I'll upload the photos with the clothes this days. Until then , 5 photos from Maramures :

My favourite view in the WORLD:

Cute dog we found near the road and we stopped to feed him !

We saw this poor girl with her toy near the road.She lives in that little...can I call it house? Poor little girl..

The Road : 

My parents at Barsana Monastery ! Heavenly place !

Click on the photos to see them better !

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  1. hey Julien :)..welcome back!! U must have a great holiday there..can't wait to see your foundings from secondhand store..teehee

    anw,,answering your question about ramadhan in my ramadhan months we're not supposed to eat and drink anything from before sunrise until sunset (it's about 14 hours), we have to fasting in a month..we were also have to keep our temper and emotions..
    hope I answer it clearly :)..


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