September 25, 2009

Grey sky ?..

..neeeh,but i'm praying for one ! This is what I wore today at school : grey top + grey cardigan (VETO) + Sheep necklace (really overused:">) + Bershka Bag + New Yorker Jeans + DIY flat shoes.Yeah,I'm wearing this flats as much as I can,because I sooo damn love them. My dad is in Hungary for this weekend (love that country) and he took the camera with him and before my sister (a.k.a. my photographer) took this photos I wasn't hoping they'll end up nice and with a good quality,but for my surprize they look good.But still sorry for the background,I can't acctualy find a place for shooting..

AAAAAHH ! CONCERT tonight ! Can't wait.Blood print ( Band for rent ( ) = LOVE ? This 2 band are local bands but with gorgeous songs ! Check them out ! 

I'll take photos at the concert + the outfit ( clue : latex leggings) !

And it's finally weekend ! Enjoy it people ! 


  1. aww;o3
    sooo chic
    but so gorgeous
    and simple
    i just love it

    i'll follow

    te iubesc:*UAIE

  2. simple and cute outfit!


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