September 20, 2009


Yesterday was one of the best days of my life.Why ? Because I bought this beautiful-soft-fluffy-grey ugg boots.I adore (ADORE !) them.I found them in New Yorker shop and it was like love at  first sight .And I also bought this Bag designed by Jose Castro for Berska.It is so big and so perfect for the days when I have to go to school,then to rehearsal or when I need to carry my sport equipment.It's so usefull ^^ 

So,I tried to see how can I mix and match this boots.It's wasn't hard at all:

Outfit 1. Boots + Vero Moda leggings + New Yorker top + Marc Aurel jacket + Sheep necklace + New Yorker hat + Bershka bag 

Outfit 2.(for sunny days) Boots + Vero Moda leggings + New Yorker top + Sheep necklace + Bracelets + Second hand Hat + Long Vest <3.

Outfit 3. Almost the same oufit from above but with this grey/black scarf .

Outfit 4.Same outfit from above but with leather jacket.

Outfit 5.Also,the same outfit + 3/4 jeans DIY.

Outfit 6. Boots + Leggings + Grey top + H&M Cardigan (second hand) + Necklace 

Outfit 7. Boots + Leggings + Colors of the world Shorts + Marc Aurel Jacket + Black top + Hat + Necklace + Dad's bag 

Outfit 8. Confortable one . Boots + Leggings + Mom's Sweater + Scarf.

Outfit 9.Girly one. Boots + Bag + Leginngs +Black Top + Vero Moda Bolero + New yorker Hat + Cat Necklace <3>

Outift 10.Cold Soul.Boots + Leggings + Black Top + Berska Bag + Soft huge scarf (second hand) + Small black scarf + Secondhand  hat.

And the last but not the least , Outfit 11 : Dress + Leggings + Boots.

So here I have almost all the outfits with this boots.Some of them are pretty,some of them are just confortable but I love them all.

Please,tell me which is your  favourite and why ?


  1. i like the first one the best because the blazer is awesome!

  2. i love number 1 2 and 9 . you look great ! i love those ugg boots and that bag looks so great !

  3. i love outfit 1 and 7! (:
    thank you for the comment dear. those boots are indeed great


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