October 16, 2009

THE Prom

So,here are the photos from the prom I've talked about.In spite of the not-so-friendly weather , we had a lot of fun ! 

Ale,Me,Anna and Criss dancing ! Girl power ! 

You can reallt see here my outfit. DIY acid dress,Vero Moda Leggings, DIY Ballet Shoes. Simple,but still (i guess) lovely !

Raluca,Me,Oana,Ale ,Borbeli and Oana. I love some of them a LOT ! 

Music is my hot sex ! 

The winning pair ! Congrats ! 

Oana,Me & Ana. 

Criss and Me. Helping Anna who was presenting the tasks for the 9th graders.

Funny face ! 

The tasks.SO fuckin' funny !

Anna and the winning pair.

Me,Oana and Anna at the front door.As organizers,we had to take care of every aspect..

Everything went extraordinary well ! I enjoyed every moment of it,even though we were a bit stressed at the beginning. 


  1. beautiful girls partyiingg !!
    looks soo fun ^^

  2. looks so fun!! haha in american we dress up for prom, like all out. its insane haha

  3. yeaa I'm so happy to be in a warm place !
    Ohhh looks like you guys really had a blast ! :D

  4. yeah i can look how fun you are =)
    lucky you! you have a prom party, but i never have it =)

  5. ohhh
    i see a nioshcutza>:)
    sorry i didn't make it
    too bat it was snowing:|


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