October 16, 2009

Let's write

So,I told you about the new DIY project.And,this is it !

I finally bought a textile color.And this is what I did with it :

"When you grow up,your heart dies"  tote bag. (the bag is from,I've forgot to post the goodies I bought there) 

"Fame is boring" T-shirt.I needed a T-shirt like this ! 

LOVE IS A GRAVE MENTAL DISEASE T-shirt. Kinda true.. I used to have this quote as a desktop for my phone.

"hmm...nothing"  T-shirt . really,it's nothing.

"DON'T tell the world what we know" T-shirt. Muhahaha ! 

SO,here they are. Hopefully I'll have more ideas to make some other t-shirts.Because it's going to be a loooong weekend. I just had a surgery at one tooth,so I won't be able to go out this weekend. :( I thought about tranforming this 2 free days in someting productive such as :

  • DIY stuff
  • re-order the clothes in the closet ( by color) ,
  • watch the missed episodes from GG , Dr. House and Grey's Anatomy 
  • studying for CAE Exam.

Anyway, nice weekend  everyone ! 


  1. uuu
    love it:x
    doamne ce fain ii:))

    je t'aime:*

  2. Haha, I love "hmm..nothing" one!

  3. do a lot of DIY!! cool!!
    I'm soo sorry,,it's been quite a long time since the last time I visit your blog :( connection is just soo slow,,and it makes me a little difficult to do blogwalking..

    fame is's that words..heehee

  4. i love the fringe one! great!


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