October 17, 2009

The world is too big to never ask why

Starting today,all of my post will contain more than simple "outfit photos" or "DIY projects-photos". It will be more,I promisse.But they will all include fashion..

So,my very first question is in what way the world would be diffrent if we coudn't see in colors? If the nature was all black and white.The nature,the sky,the clothes,the..EVERYTHING.Would someone think out side the box and invent the color ? If yes,who ? A scientist,a designer, a dentist ?... We take out life at it is.But we almost never think why it is the way it is.. Does it make any sense ?

We really should be happy that we can see the colors.We sould be happy they really exist.

Otherwise,how could you see the color of my new DIY necklaces ? 

So thank God He created colouor.Because I don't think someone would be that smart to do it..What's your opinion ?

Mat Kearney - Lifeline . Enjoy ! 


  1. you keep changing your header!! hahah keep this one, i like it. very fallish, but once snow is consistantly falling, you should get a new one! ;D

  2. thank you for following! i am returning the favor(:

    love this post! very deep(:

    our school has placed hand sanitizer dispensers in EVERY room. but that stuff is
    -disgusting-! i think ill stick to germ-x:D

  3. Amen!!
    You're right. The world would be pretty dull. :)

    And I heard that there are actually more colors than the human eye can see. :O

  4. wow, those pictures are just wow. i love your blog particularly this post, (: thank God for colors, huh? cool!

    (: love your DIYs too, btw

  5. teehee, thanks^_^

    pink is my favorite favorite color, ever!
    so girly, which i am(:

    and i like the red leaves against the greyness, just so you know.:P


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