October 18, 2009

My place to dream 1

First,a wonderfull song to listen while watching and reading this post ! 

I keep telling you that I wanna start over.Adding  more interesting stuff to this blog is a must.So,I start  by  showing you a part of my wonderful country,Romania.Many people have in mind while thinking about Romania only 3 things : Dracula,communism and perhaps,Nadia Comaneci.But Romania is more than this.It's about creative people,gorgeous places,mountines,simple people with wonderfull stories,music and art. You can't discover based on lies and stereotypes. So,I will show you my side of Romania .


I thankfully travel a lot with my parents and I get to see so many things (thank you!).For example,this is a small village in Apuseni and we always go trought it when we visit out relatives.

Isn't it beautiful ?

Imagine how you wake up in the morning,and you have this mountines in front of you.

Imagine riding a bike on this road..

Imagine a sunny summer day when you have a bath in the river right after this houses. 

Imagine a late afternoon when you are walking on this road..and the sun is going to sleep.. 

Imagine playing and running around on this fields ! 

Romania is beautiful.You just have to discover it.So,I'll make a post called "My place to dream" almost weekly,to show you the best things in Romania (from my view).. Hope you will enjoy it ! .

& There is only one thing I ask you : Tell me what YOU know about would mean a lot. 


  1. News on : Http://

    In Bordeaux City, a really beautiful town where we live :)
    Come on
    See ya :) Xoxo

  2. beautiful photos! xx

  3. pretty photos. ahaha nadia comaneci, i met her a couple times. hah she's a doll

  4. his name is ash stymest, he's a male model and only like 17 or something like that. and ya cuz imma gymnast and she comes and makes appearances at big gymnastics meets like nationals and stuff, met her husband and baby boy too!

  5. oh, and btw. i dont really know anything about romania! but dont worry, i have heard of it!

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  7. wow beautiful place, I really love the last photos, it's so peacefull :)

    thanks for ur comments on my blog love
    you should try to make DIY project too, it's very interesting and cheap :)


  8. 1. I love placebo so much. <333
    2. Romania ... i love what you've posted here. I always dreamin of living in somewhre special but not really crowd of people.
    3. again.... since Romania is Irina's hometown. I love to live where my muse used to live here too. <3333

  9. I know almost nothing about Romania honestly… But i wolud love to find out something so I wait for “My place to dream” posts


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