October 23, 2009

friday's goodies

Finally FRIDAY ! God,I can't belive it's all over.Sleep is all i need.So,this is what I wore today : Che Guevara T-shirt (SH)  ,Stradivarius jeans,Blazer form Sibiu (SH) , boots (SH) and 2 badges on the side of my jeans.

Red nails . 4 simple  and 1 with lines ^^ 

Close up.I reallt love this t-shirt.So old and confortable.

I really live the buttons , with small birds (i guess).

Fall's sunny and warm weather is back again ! Thank you God ! 

And after this intense and horrible week I had , I needed to buy something to "heal my soul".And second-hand findings are always the best in this situation.So I bought the most LOVELY scarf I've ever seen. You can wear it in any possible way,it is so cute and warm: 

Soft,long sox.Perfect for Christmas..I don't really know how I'm going to wear them but they really are cute and cheap (1 RON)..

White scarf.I think I'll wear this a lot ! 

Butterfly-blue t-shirt/dress.I find this piece adorable but still simple.It is longer than you can see in pictures so I can wear it with leggings or tights.I am very happy I found it ! 

But,while shopping,I picked up some other clothes and I was really undeciced .. should I buy them or shoudn't I ? They were nice,cheap but there was something that didn't let me buy that items.So I realized that you have to buy only what you NEED or what you LOVE.There is no 3rd option.And I need to adapt this rule to myself,because I alywas buy a lot of SH clothes (that's my only vice) and my closet is full..really FULL.I know is hard,but this is what I'm going to do.And I'll save the money for the MUST items like leather jacket and a pair of boots. 

And of course,I'm gonna leave you with this song ( I've been listening it all day long):


I wish you all a nice weekend ! Hugs ! 


  1. ioi ce faine-s!
    pot sati fur fularu ala foarte fain?:x

  2. I like your photos. You look great. And thank you SO much for being a true and lovely follower. Have a great weekend!

  3. love the nails(:

    btw, you think THAT is huge? that's just like, 1/8 of my yard.

    for you, i am going to do a post of where i live:P

  4. eh, dont get too excited, it won't be much. im not THAT creative! haha

    im working on it now(:

  5. tricou e GENIAL.
    il nu, ADOR!

  6. really nice outfit julls!!
    and I love your butterfly tee!! :)

    hugs from me to you...

  7. I really love love your outfit esp. that teeee !!! And is it Johnny Depp ?? Ohhh man,I love love him !!

    Adore the new things you've bought ! I love love the 1st scarf that you bought <3 <3


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