October 22, 2009

room and style

I know I promissed to show you my room..but I'm not in the best mood ever.Today was the funeral and I cried .. a lot.Really,my eyes are hurting.Anyway,I have to move on.

I offer you a little sneak best spot in my room.The bed ! I adore this weekend I'll make a post about it.And later...a closet tour in photos,and so on.

Oh,and lately this is where I found my inspiration : . I love it ! I always find my inspiration in simple people with great style and bloggers,not in designers or stars.And if you haven't seen this site,go check it out ! 

Have a nice friday everyone ! See you tomorrow ! 


  1. i love your spot, looks so comfy! and the crocodile doll is cuddle-able haha

  2. your room is similar to mine, i love the bed too (:

  3. Ohh my that crocodile on the floor is so caaa-uuuteee!!!!! :)

  4. how cool is your crocodile! I want one too, right now! hahaha!


  5. That crocodile is a gift from all of my best friends ! I adore it too.

  6. Technically, I'm more an all summer-person ^^ but fall can be nice as long as its nice and sunny :)
    Oh cute room. totally like the crocodile :)

  7. love the bed!
    and this site is so inspiring :)

  8. oh dear stay strong ! thank you for having time posting this :) your room looks so comfy ! love it . and the crocodile doll is just adorable . have a nice weekend dear !

  9. You have a very nice blog.
    Especially like the background and a header ..
    Pictures also very beautiful.

    If you can find the time to look at my blog, if you like the following.

    All the best

  10. sorry for your lost . stay strong .
    i love the crocodile on the floor . its very cute :)


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