October 25, 2009

Room Tour

Today,after having breakfast ( hot milk with cocoa + apple cookies) , I took some photos of my room (as I promissed !) :

My room ! (CLICK on the photos to see them bigger)

Boots.Above them I'll put a big mirror on Monday ! 

My Bed ! Gosh,my favourite spot ! 

Bear carpet ! So soft and perfect in the morning when I wake up..

Necklaces + Photos ^^ 

Bracelets. 1st - wooden bracelets.2nd-metal & black,3rd - colourful bracelets and hair clips in the middle :D 

My night tabel : SuperGirl statement + a pinguin with a beer glass + a book and a fashion magazine .

Memories from my childhood ! 

2 rabbits found in a second hand protecting my books.

Customize bag.Paramore-Decode (: 

My desk.All the furniture was customized.

Crayons.Many,many,many crayons ! 

Heart <3>

When I was little I was obsessed with Pokemon.So,2 pokemons and more hair clips in the middle.

I was obsessed with WITCH too.I was Hay Lin.And when my aunt went in the honeymoon in Paris I asked her to bring me a Witch doll.And I still have it and love it.

Cutest box.I keep inside all my accesories for camera and mp3 player.

More crayons in the London bus ! 

Old CD-s . They form a face if you can notice..

Snitzel Stefan .That is his name. Gift for my 15th birthday from all of my best friends !

3 big woredrobes.Still not enough because I share them with my sister.

Belts and other accesories.Need to clean them up and put them in an order..

And this is my 13th sister's side of room.More simple than mide but symetric.

So this is my room tour,hope you'll like it because I feel confortable in it.Even though it is not my dream room,it's close to it.

Enjoy your Sunday ! 


  1. dic acolo
    ce ti-ai aranjato
    pt poze
    nu ca de obicei...
    :)) no comment

  2. the furniture is neat!
    that's cool you share a room with your sister(:

  3. ahh you changed your header again :D haha
    loove the furniture in your room

  4. Wowwww !!! you're room is so huge even though you share it with your sister :)

    And I really love love your bear carpet,its so adorable !

    And all your accessories and shoessss,can I have just one pair of boots ?!! heeeee

    Those childhood photos of you are so so cute ! Thanks so sharing !

  5. re: well I'm not "hosting a child"... I just "work" for them.. like live with them here in the us.. kinda like a live-in nanny :)
    Yey what a nice room you have ! love it :D

  6. I'm glad that you took more pictures of ur room :D
    im enjoying the pokemon collectibles you have .
    i might actually do somekind of post like this as well in the future . thx for the idea !

  7. I love your room, its so cute.

    I'd love to exchange links, I've added you.


  8. Your room looks so cosy and homely :) What kind of camera do you take your photos with? Do you edit them? They have a lovely nostalgic feel about them xx


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