October 26, 2009


Obsessed with the song :

Yesterday I went with Anna at the theatre (can't stay away,you know) and we saw Psihoza 4:48 by Sarah Kane.I was amazed , for real ! This play changed my opinion about my  future.Now I am sure I wanna be an actress and I will do EVERYTHING I can to become one. So,more infos about the play you cand find on . There you have the trailer,wallpapers and other infos. Belive me,it's worthed ! 
And,some photos of what I wore :
Marc Aurel Blazer (SH)
New Yorker hat
Only dress
Vero Moda leggings
Boots :x (SH-but last time I wore them , they really hurt my foot) 
Bag from my daddy 
+ Teachers Wiskey man's watch 

And,THIS WEEKEND we are going with our play JUDITH CASTLE  , at a festival in another town.The play is great and we really improved it.I hope I can show you the video.
Have a nice week everyone ! 
And here is the trailer from the play :


  1. Thanks for the comment darling! What a great idea about the giveaway. I think there will be one very soon!


  2. it's a blazer!!! i LOVE it. hahahaa

  3. thanks :) yea the party was fun ! :)
    Cool pictures

  4. I love love your beret and the blazer together :) Beautiful photos !

  5. aww good luck for being an actress dear ! i know you can :) that play seems so great . i've never watched a play before . haha . and your outfit is so lovely . love the blue and black together :D have a nice day !

  6. ioi
    are ana breton?
    imi place cum erai imbracata
    de asemenea
    admir peretele!
    mie extrem de dor de tine:*

  7. Cute pic
    Thank you for visiting our blog:)
    News on : !
    COME ON ;)
    see ya. xx


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