October 27, 2009

Cosy in the rocket

Rainy day.Rainy days make ma wanna fell cosy.So I wore my mother's confortable jumper.

This day was very ok.We had art class (where I drew the last 2 drawings and got a 10 ).Then I had rehearshals and then I went to a second hand where I bought I cardigan ^^. 

At 18:00 I went at my grandpa (he is a painter) and we met once a week for art lessons and I drew this one : 

I'm very busy now,with the play (tell you more about this tommorow,hopefully) and school and other milion stuffs.


Hope you'll like my work ! 


  1. these pictures are great.
    i saw your other blog posts and i really like your blog ;)

  2. the pics r really original :)

  3. What a cosy jumper :) Your grandpa was a painter? Thats awesome xx

  4. thanks for the input of writing my "outfit combos" in my wardrobe. i'll definately do that . that would definately help me out in the mornings :D

  5. OMG! Your are a very talented artist. I loved your first drawing to pieces!

  6. your mom's jumper looks soo comfy julls :)

  7. I love the jumper,
    thanks for following me :)x

  8. I love love your comfy sweater and adore your drawings !! I'll give you an A* too for it !

    Awww and thanks so much for your well wishes<3

  9. ce mare ti paru:O
    de cand nu ne-am vazut...
    poateca-mi pot explica:))
    te iubesc
    imi place ciclul care curge=)))))


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