October 28, 2009

Judith Castle

Playing at Drama festival in my city.

Anna and Adi.

My life these days was all about the play.We had rehearsals every hour and the play is getting better and better. 

Judith Castle by David Mitchell is a novel about this : Judith finds out her lover is dead and ponders what their life together would have been like.It's absurd but funny and great ! I love playing it. I share the main character with my class-mate and friend Anna so the play is very interesting.And we are only 3 students and we have to play 8 characters. But it is great !

We have also some very interesting background.Big panels with drawing on them..

So,sorry for the so not-intesting post but I don't really have time..

HUGS everyone ! 


  1. I love drama/theater. I do it myself too!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  2. ... it's just a drawing that I did on her :P but thanks!! :)
    Oh how fun with the play ! It's always fun to do all these big projects !


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