October 14, 2009

(h)UGG IT !

Yes,I know I had a lack of outfit posts lately , but I was really stressed with the prom that I forgot to take daily pictures (Btw,the prom ended up great and I'll tell you more about it when I have the photos).So,staring right now I'll make a promisse.I'll take photos of my daily outfits whenever I can (but DAILY).But you'll have to excuse me if I can't pose the photos because the light is to low,or the background is not ok...because I do care about the quality of the photos (ok,I must admit that the photos in this post aren's so great though)..
And when I can,I'll put some music up here ! So,hip hip hurray to a new start !
Wearing this outfit in a damn cold day..Not a very smart idea.. Ugg Boots (SH) Jeans (New Yorker) Black Blouse (SH) ONLY long black cardigan (SH) Animal print Scarf (SH) Song,song,song !


  1. You make me want to go out a buy a pair of uggs. :)
    & your scarf is freaking love. :)

    Adoore your header.Lol, I stared at it for three minutes being all like WWOOWW.

  2. why did you change the header,my dear? i love your artwork before. So colorful. But this header also performs meaningful words, i love your blog still. <333

    Talkin bout this (H)ugg boots.. yum, lovely item.

    -love you, julls-

  3. aww what a nice outfit ! i love your boots :) and yay for the new upcoming music . haha .


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