October 14, 2009

Party ?

So,a while ago (acctually last-last weeked ) I went to a happy 18 aniversary to a friend of mine. I didn't know anyone exept herself and her boyfriend.So,it was kinda odd at the beginging.I arrived first at the restaurant (my mother it's kinda obsessed with punctuality) and it was pretty fun.We talked,we laugh and stuff like this.After like..30 minuets the first guest arrived and her boyfriend asked me to stay with him at the table.I said yes and we joined 2 other girls. And there..gosh ! They start talking about going to sky in France or Germany for Christmas and you know..stuff like this.And I was like..WTF ? It doesn't mean that if your mama and papa have money you have the right to act like that..anyway. After a while,I was drinking a big glass of wiskey and redbull (:">) and I was talking to a guy I met there.And then we went dancing and it ended up to be a nice party. I acctualy enjoyed it (Thank you Jack Daniels) but I really was :| by those girls.. So here are some photos I forget to post.And yep,another stuff.Everybody was so..danced for clubbing (ok,the girls and the boys looked all so..perfect.Short dresses,gorgeous dresses and nice hair..) but I wore something confortable .. of course Converse.Anyway,Isn't it all about feeling confortable ? :D
Jully and me.Happy B-day girl ! She is so gorgeous and nice ! (excuse my face)
P-P-P-P-P-Party !
Dancing in the back
Singing Happy Birthay for Jully !


  1. thanks dear ! :)
    Uhh snow, that sucks !!

    Mm, looks and sounds like a nice party ! and u look cool

  2. awww
    mai sti cand credeam cai fitza aia ?:))
    cand am confundato
    da mnah
    had fun last night darling?:*


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