October 8, 2009


Yes,I know i've promissed to make a post about the clothes..but I was so damn busy with school and organizing that stupid prom..but I promisse,no, I swear I'll post them tonight.

Anyway,tommorow I'm going in a trip ! Can't wait ! It will be totally great,I promisse you a lot of photos .Hopefully I'll buy some cute things from Sibiu (European Capital of Culture  in 2007) because I always find the best stuff there ! 

So,i'm going to pack some nice outfits (not the basic to go stuff,but I'll find something confortable but in the same time nice to wear) and to buy some foooooooood <3

Kisses and hugs ! 


  1. Thaank uu !! :)
    Yea I got a few things.. a dress, shirt, vest and some other stuff :) I love it ^^

    How fun with a trip !! Have a great time ! :D

  2. ahhh that would be so fun.. have a fun trip, love :]

  3. Wooooo,you're going on a trip ?? Thats so so cool !! Do remember to snap more photos <3 <3


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