October 8, 2009

Finally !

So finally I get the chance to post the things I bought last weekend.I don't know why but I'm very proud of them.I bought them last Saturday but I was hoping to find more gorgeous stuff,bud sadly all the SH stores were closed that day,exept one.And there I found :
1.Mickey Mouse Disney Vest .I love it ! I was like going out of my minds when my sister found this gorgeous piece. 2.Of course I coudn't live the store without buying another blazer.This things are my autum obsession.I swear,I wear them everythey (even though I didn't took photographs).
2.Pink-Red Cardigan.So soft and so girly !
3.Long black cardigan from only.It was only 3 Euros and I was like so damn happy when I found it.I really needed a coat or a cardigan for this autum and this is just...perfect ? Yes.
5.And last but not the least,a white Tee .I'm going to do a DIY project and I was in need for a white simple T-Shirt. Here are all the stuff.I hope you find them lovely ,because I do. Well,I'm off in my trip ! Thank you all for the wishes and ... I'll be back with more photos,more outfits and more stuff ! I wish you a lovely weekend !


  1. really really love your mickey vest!!
    great findings dear!! :)

  2. i looooove blazers too! they're so beautiful!

  3. Cool stuff! Blazers and long cardigans are my most favorite things in this whole earth.

  4. You got such nice stuff! Blazers are literally my addiction for fall, I wear one just about every day... and the Mickey vest is adorable!

  5. Love love all your purchases !

    I adore the mickey vest and black blazer! Yes,I have to agree we can never have too much of that<3 <3
    And the long black cardigan toooo.Ohhh,thanks for reminding me on the DIY and also the runway photos. Will start to go into that soonnnn

  6. awwwwwww you are such a smart shopper!! Love it ! woohoo for autumn

  7. miki mausul e cel mai mishto!
    te aime:*

  8. Nice haul! Bet youre pleased :) looking forward to seeing your tshirt diy xx

  9. Thank you everyone !
    I think I have to find a rehab clinic because I comitted another thing : I bought 5 blazers from the trip.Plus other extremly cute stuff (pictures coming soon)

    So,stay tune because I have so much things to show you all.

    PS: Another big thnak you for everyone.I have 450 Views since July.It's umbeliveble.I never tought I could do it .. but it's amazing !

    Love you all :*

  10. your blazer is lovely!! and ur room is a cool!! :o)

  11. This is it... all those items. Love.... <333.Uwh, i missed commenting your blog baby.


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