October 11, 2009

Trip,part 1

OMG.OMG.OMG.The trip was totally crazy ! I mean how could we have so much fun without any drinks and any music and any party ? It was insane.Well,let's start talking.
FRIDAY : 08:00 : We were living Cluj behind us. 12:00 : First destination : Sibiel.The museum with the oldest icons painted on glass in the world. 13:30: We arrived at Dumbrava Sibiului.That place is awesome.Forest,lake,old houses,museum..what could you want more ? 15:00.We arrived at the Hostel,situated right in the center of Sibiu.The view was incredible.And while parking,we found a Second hand,but we coudn't remember the exact place.... 16:00 I was running with Ana and Adi to find that damn Second hand.After running for almost 30 minutes and getting lost and asking people on the streets..we finally found it ! And it was so worthed.I bought 5 blazers,a scarf and some other stuff. 18:00 We gathered all together for a city tour.After we visited the center and some buildings we all bought ice-cream (huge and cheep) and we made a circle and we stated knowing eachother better.And we laught a lot ! 19:30 We were sitting on the ground,in the center of the city and we were playing Mime.We hade to mime whatever we want and the winner recieved candies ! 21:00 While playing other games , some kids from Sibiu joined us.We had so much fun and we laughed a loooooooooooot.It was crazy. 23:00 We were all eating familly pizza in our room and watching Fist of Zen on Mtv.And we talked a lot and again..laughed.It was the best trip i've ever had. 05:00 We finally get to sleep. SATURDAY 07:35 We woke up.And getting ready. 08:00 We had breakfast.Croissants and milk.Yummy ! 08:00 Watching Disney Chanell in out room.All 20 people. 09:00 Second hand mania , part 2. Almost 15 of us went in a second hand .. trip:)) But only me and Ana were the ones who found the best things. 10:30 Leaving Sibiu.I love that city and I really want to live there for a while. 14:30 After visiting other 2 cities we arived at Sighisoara.An old city with castles and old houses.I get the chance to take some gorgeus photos there. 16:00 Eating pizza. 17:45 Leaving Sighisora and going home.On the road,we laugh,we slept a while,we danced and we sang. 21:00 We arrived home..
And here it is ,a sneak peak of the trip.I'll also make a post with photos ONLY and you'll se how beautiful is my country.
And yes,I remember I told you that I'll wear some cute outfits,but I failed.I only wore a Jack Daniels T-shirt,Black boots and black jeans.In the second day,I wore yellow sneakers,black jeanse,black cardigan,2 yelow bedges and a top.I felt confortable but it was soooooooooo hot.Almost 30 degrees C. in OCTOBER ! That's insane...
SO,wait for more photos.Because it's gonna be so worhed !


  1. it seems like you had soo much fun there!!

    can't wait to see the 5 blazers that you told must be great julls!!! :D

  2. it look sso fun!!! haha i can't believe you bought 5 mroe blazers... your so crazy :D

  3. Thanks for the comment! It looks like you had a lot of fun, and looked very fashionable while doing it! =D

  4. Woooooo wow !!! looks like you had a blast and I really love love your outfit !

    And that huge ice cream cone toooo. heeeeee Can't wait to see more photos from the trip <3

  5. seems you had so much fun ! and you did laugh a lot . haha . the photos are beautiful . can't wait for more ! x)

  6. Yey !! :D
    Awesome, seems like u had a great weekend too !! :D


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