November 3, 2009


I know I said I was taking a break from blogging,but for my surprize I have like 10 free minutes in this busy day.And I am going to show you 2 photos from yesterday.I went to Tailors Tower because it was re-decoraded and open for public.

I wore : Vero Moda leggings + Boots :X + Vero Moda Dress + Marc Aurel blazer + DIY badge + Pokemon bag.But the word is getting colder and colder and now I wear only winter clothes.

I am a volunteer for a Theatre,Video and Dance festival called Temps D'Images and today I helped with the invitations and stuff.It's mt first volunteering thing so I am kinda excited about it.And my life is busy right now because I have to catch up with school and other things.

So,be right back ! ^^ 


  1. AHAHAH the pokemon bag! you're my hero! hahahaahh i love it

  2. Adore your red top with those shoesss and the bag !! its so adorable! I wanna see a close up <3

    And so cool you got to help in such a event. I need to get some exposure on that too:)

  3. Aww cute pictures!! Love the pop of pink!


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