November 4, 2009

Drama Festival

I wanted to post the photos right after I arrived home but there was some fatal error and I could make it.Anyway,I wanna show you the photos and to describe my wonderful trip.

It strated not so wonderful,because we missed the train (OK,go ahead and laugh about us , we did it too).And we waited in the train station,with the 2 panels for the other train.We made sure this is the right one (In Hungary,we took the wrong one) and after 3 hours we were in Bistrita.

This is how we transported the panels (frames) from the train station to Carmen's flat (Carmen is one of the teachers).

And this is how we slept.4 kids in one bed.Gosh,that must be one of the most terrible ways to sleep..and we had to play the next day..

On the stage (we were first) 

It all eneded up really well.Anna won the 2nd prize for the Best Female Actresse and we all got partitipation diploma in the International Multilingv Drama Festival "Open Stage" 2009. 

Walking with Anna.Wearing a huge scarf because it was pretty cold outside.

I absolutelly adore the frames of this glasses.

Our teacher,Me,Anna and the other teacher,Carmen.Girls power ! 

Bistrita has some art out there ! Lovely graffities , right ?

And the last photo from the train.We were so tired but happy.

And now,we are back in bussines,playing the Checkov Machine by Matei Visniec.I am telling you,that play is THE BEST.I cried when I saw it last spring.I cried twice,because i saw it twice. 

More drama for the drama queens ! See you soon ! 


  1. pai domle, stii cat de mult iubesc ochelarii aia
    domle vreau sa zic ca peretii aia-s mortali
    si in incheiere
    as putea zice
    e greu de spus
    si tras concluzii
    had fun?

  2. i love ur glasses and that looked like soo much fun! :)


  3. niii
    she dragutt
    io acum vad
    si criss fu-se cu voi?:>

  4. Pixies r awesome :D
    Oh how fun it looks ! Totally love your glasses :D

  5. wowwww,looks like a fun trip and a successful performance !!

    its so adorable all 4 of you shared a bed and I really love your glasses and your tote bag too! where did you get it from ?

    Gorgeous photos too<3

    yayy for the same nail colors and my boots are from Topshop actually. I would really love to have Uggs boots though

  6. that sounds like an amazing experience!!! i love your outfit in the photos (from what i can see of it)

  7. glad to see this fun trip documents. <3333

    have a nice weekend, dear Julls!

  8. love those purple glasses :)


  9. thank you everyone !
    @ Valencia Lia : the tote back is a souvenir from Krakow,Poland.


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