November 6, 2009

November inspiration

November Inspirations : 

Skinny jeans.Biker boots.Short blazer.

Cosy cosy cosy cosy badroom.

DIY bags 

Childhood toys reloaded.

Absurd thatre.

Black and grey.Doc Martens + white dress.Big scarfs and thights.

More absurd theatre.

Geometrical items.Girly / polka dots. Layers.

So,what are your november inspiration sources ?


  1. i take my photos by camera finepix ;)

  2. i looove all the inspiational outfit pics :D so amazing

  3. i love every picture you posted! especially the cozy bed :)

  4. Right now it's spring around where i live, but these are great autumn inspirations! Seriously loving them.

    To answer your question, that is my natural hair color. I dyed my hair red last year, but i think it's all gone... maybe i still have some red-ish highlights left when the light hits my hair, but just at the ends of it.

  5. Oh sweet. I love your inspirations!!
    Especially those childhood toys. :)

    My november inspirations has to be the leaf colors that appear, blazers, tights, long jackets/cardigans, and scaarffs. :D

  6. your blog is so amazing . i really heart your style . love it :))by the way, follow my twitter please .

  7. i want a polka dot tight so bad at the moment!

  8. No, I was blonde before. But I has colored my hair like this for two years and I like it too much to change ;)


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