November 9, 2009

November Music

Lately, I adore piano music and acoustic music.It's just so adorable and calming,i mean it's perfect for this time of the year ..

I decided to make a list of my favourite songs right now .Don't know mabye we have the same tastes in music or perhaps you'll find love the songs I'll mention and start listening them.

So here I go :

1.Edward's Lullaby (Yiruma-River flows in you)

2.Blood Print-Hopes and dreams

3.Snow Patrol - Crack the shutters

4.Placebo- Ask for answer 

5.Ziggi-Gonna leave you

6.Katie Melua-Nine millions bycicles

7. Sea wolf - The violent hour

8.Placebo - Burger Queen (francais version)

9.Lykke Li -Possibility 

10.Joe Satriani-Baroque

11.Maria Taylor - Cartoons and Forever Plans

So what are your favourites songs for november ? 

And if you are going to listen one of this songs , please tell me what was your favourite and why ?

And last question : does the music you are listening to influence your life and your mood ? I yes,in what manner ?

Goooooodbye ! 


  1. doamne ce frumoasa-i prima piesa:x
    o ador<3
    o ai?
    send send send

  2. Oooh I don't really know, my song taste is such a mix! But at this moment in time I'm listening to upbeat songs because I'm ill. It's making me feel ten times better! :) ♥

  3. of course the music influences my mood! i always try to listen to positive songs to make my mood brighter! (:

  4. music is my life. i put on some a rocket to the moon to make me happy (:

  5. music always influences my mood. especially if i'm not too happy about something. a good mika song always cheers me up :)

  6. aww nice november playlist ! x) actually i'm interested in placebo now , as everyone's talking about it . so i might hear it . recently i'm loving lenka , pixie lott and mika . i just found that their musics are nice . maybe you can try listening to them :D

    and yeah i can't wait for new moon too ! i've booked the premiere ticket on 20th november . so excited ! haha .

  7. acum pink floyd in mod obsesiv.

  8. My favourite november music are all the songs from the NEW MOON OST. so wa have some songs in common like Possibility and the violet hour.
    Music always influence my mood, I can spend a day without listen to music. Is almost like breath. I really need music.

    Awesome blog!

  9. I really love love song no. 1 !! And the New Moon Ost too,I'm so crazy about the music. heee

    It does of course influence my mood and I love music because it actually calms me down and make me work faster(like blog hopping etc.)


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