November 21, 2009

What a friday :D

(Bodgi's hand,my hand,Criss's hand and Anna's hand + star tattoo)

Remember my trip to Sibiu , in october ? When I told you that some guys (strangers) talked to us and we had fun and stuff?We were keeping in touch with them.And,yesterday,Bogdi , a guy from that group came to Cluj.Anna had taken him from the train station and they had came to out school.Then we went to the Mall .There we plays Fist of Zen :)) and had a LOT of fun.We felt like we knew eachothers forever.

So,photos photos photos photos :

And this is what I wore yesterday.Sorry for all the creppy quality photos but I took them with my phone (no other option).

Vero Moda dress + Leggings + Black boots + Only long Cardigan.This outfit reminds me of summer a lot.I used to wear this dress daily.And yes,finally I have a mirror in my room .. so expect for a lot of photos took in the mirror..

Today is my bff ,NANA, birthday party at her place.Tomorrow we'll celebrate it at a cafe.Can't wait.I love her a loooot ! (and prepare for on of the cuttest gifts ever !)

Bon weekend ,everybody !


  1. Oooh looks like you had fun.


  2. haaha omg looks so fun. i like his hair... hahah

  3. Awww cute photos! It looks like you all had so much fun. And I love your outfit. :)

  4. oh your commnet my MY day :) thank u
    looks like fun, hey ! Its always lovely to stay in contact with new people ! :)

  5. Beautiful photos !

    And I really loved the dress you're wearing:)With those boots,its beautiful too.
    I love love all your stars on your hands,so adorable!


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