November 22, 2009

Happy Birthay,dear friend

Yesterday,as I told you, I went to my best friend's birthday party.It's like a tradition for us,and we had soooooooooooooooooo much fun.I love her .I know Nana since I was 3.I love her a loooot.She is my best friend and she'll always be,no metter what ! She is now 15.I am 15 too.This is out "common week".

This is what I wore : Leggings + Boots + New Yorker Purple Top (sales,sales,sales) + wannabe leather jacket + purple glasses.

My phone is odd :

Happy birthay my sweetheart ! 

Hope you'll like the photos and have a nice week everyone !


  1. looks like you had afun time! cute outfit

  2. Happy birthday to your best friend!! Woww,you two have been friends for so long and many more years to come:)

    Love love your skull tee and those hair flip shots tooo!

  3. ohh^^
    yes yes
    happy birthday for me\:D/

  4. it nana 'moondancer' who become the bday girl?? Happy bday to yoou Nana :)

    and julls..I like the skulls tee&round glasses..cute :)


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