November 23, 2009

rock your socks

(After school,with Anna.Trying to sing Edward's Lullaby.God how much I love that song !)

Yesterday while I was cleaning my closet I found my winter socks and some pairs of tights.I don't usually wear tights beacause I don't really like the way my legs look in them.But lately,from some bizzare reason I lost weight and my legs are looking kinda OK.Even tought I don't have many pairs (because I don't know how to wear them) I am thinking to start now..

Also,I am bored with this blog.Need something new.That's why I'll add some "Part of my closet" posts.I'll upload photos of my hats,my scarfs,my DIY,etc.Hope you'll like it.

3 from Grandma , pink/purple socks ,  my 2nd grandpa neon pink/black socks, SH white and kaki socks + the pink ones as a gift for my b-day

The king size ones . All from SH.

And tights. Cow print + Pink + Dark red + Purple + Green + Red.

Questions :

1.How do you wear your tights / socks ?

2.DIY ideas with tights?

3.Tights / socks inspiration?

Hugs !


  1. i missed you so badddd... hey.. is that all your socks...??? i'm a socks collector as well. <33. i love playing with my socks.. they comes in many colors.

  2. i always wear socks under my tights, it's a habit haha. but if it's cold, i'll wear them over the top. i usually stick to plain black tights and wear black wooly knee socks over, but sorta 'ruched' down, if you get me? :) x

  3. WOOOo.. lovely song...lovely EDWARD.. iLOVE HIMmm!!!!!! ..jejejeje!! ....NiCE BLOG & picss!!

    visit my blog & follow mee!! =;-D


  4. nice socks and tights collection!!
    on very cold winter days I sometimes wear a bold color tights under a sheer black print one..other than it will keep you quite warm it also gives a nice color and texture in the end..;)

  5. thanks for the comment(:
    how do i wear my socks?...haha, as long as they match my outfit, i just throw them on. socks really aren't that fashionably important to me, i guess you could say.

  6. a lovely way to wear socks during the winter is to get some like ankle boots... like not booties, but almost motocycle esque boots? i have these lovely suede ones with fur in the onside and they have a lace tie and everything. wear some dark skinnies or dark tights with socks and the boots and it looks fab!

  7. Ohhhh my,you've got to teach me how to play that song! I adore it so much tooo:)

    Adore all your socks! Can I steal some ?? And I want that leopard leggings of yours!

    I'll wear my tights with those thin knee high socks!!
    DIY socks?? Make them all sequin!

  8. I like the thigh highs best for winter..wear them with shorts..lots of sporty girls around here..but uh..I'm not into that soo much.

  9. Thank you ! <3

    Funny socks hihi.


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