December 2, 2009

Can I call yesterday the perfect day ? YES !

Yesterday was the big day when I invited some of my close friends at my place.We really did have a lot of fun ! We watch old video tapes with myself and my sister,my mother cooked pizza for us and we played Twister and diffrent kind of games from out childhood.It was a day full of laughts and laughts and laughts.I really love those guys ! 

Here are some of our photos : 

Then,at like 7 p.m. we went to see the fireworks because on 1st december we celebrate our National Day and I'm really proud because I live in Romania ( a new My place to dream post soon !) 

It was really beautiful ! And now..let's the the goodies >:) 

My friends really surpised me .I never tought they are that crazy !

They brought me a big box full of pictures on it.Pictures with me and with them , and they also put some with Jackson Rathbone because they now how much I like him :))

And they filled it with pufuleti...a traditional snack.And above them , there was a sign with " Eat EVERYTHING until you reach the present !" :))

And the present consisted in : 

2 CDs with Bob Marley !

A really nice belt ! 

A gorgeous necklace ! 
And Oana,my 2nd best friend brought me this amazing Berska bag ! 
And this large plaid shirt (outfit post coming tomorrow)
They were all so kind and lovely . I really really really really  really love them ! It was the best day ever,really.
Now,I'm off to learn for my exam tomorrow and for a SH shopping trip !
Love you , everyone ! 


  1. nice hat !
    you've got a nice hair color by the way :D
    CLICK HERE to enter my handmade scarf giveaway !
    Glisters & Blisters

  2. awwww
    seamana cu a mea?:))
    :))):o3eu nu am foost

    ai mancat pufuletii?

  3. aw thank you !! ^^
    Yey loooks soo much fun ! Love Twister ! :D

  4. Happy Belated birhtday girl:)

    I love love your purple skull top and those shoess. Always love a game of twister and all the gifts you got are so beautiful<3 looks like you had lots of fun<3

  5. you got a coool blog..and i like your bag..and love bob


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