November 30, 2009

Happy birthday,lovely myself !

Yes,today is my birthday.Thank you everyone for the wishes ! It was such a lovely,sunny day,spent with my sister and my best friend,watching 2012 (Damn!) ,learning franch and walking around.Now I'm waiting for the color to get into my hair .. redhead again,yup yup.

And this was the outfit for today.

New Yorker hat + Marc Aurel blazer + New Yorker purple top + leggings + boots +DIY gloves.

Yesterday,I felt really creative so I search to te blogosphera and  diy-ed this gloves and the blouse.Actually I cut out other 2 t-shirts,because I reaaally love the way it looks.

And I let you with this song from 100 Monkeys.The band where Jackson Rathbone (yesss,that sexy super hot damn Jackson Rathbone).I've been listening to it allllll day long ! 

Adios !:* 


  1. Wow, you look fab! And happy birthday!!! ♥

  2. happy beeday! have fun!
    stay bless.


  3. wow that blouse is so cool! :D

  4. happy birthday!! i love the skull sweater!


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