December 22, 2009

Sun pokes through my lashes

Hello everyone !

I know everyone is so *in love* with snow and christmas and stuff.But I kinda miss summer.I am a Christmas freak and lover but I miss the way everything was so damn fine in summer.So,while I was searching trough my pictures from June and July and etc. I found some from Albac.I was going to show you but I forgot..So I decided to show them now,even if it's quite late.Don't know,mabye the summer lovers will like them.
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I wore my DIY white top (I used to love it so much that time) with leggins,polka dots white and black skeaners , black top and blazer.Such a confortable outfit.Aww,and don;t forget the accesroies : sunglasses and bracelets.
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Now I leave you with this quote (as you could notice/or not , I'll put a quote in every post :).Here it is :

"Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable"
from The Wizard of Oz


  1. i totally agree, i mean i love the snow, but the cold im not too fond of. i miss those beautiful summer days! cute blog, am now following. please check out mine? thanks, ells, xo

  2. i wasn't really agreeing with mary.
    she's just a goofball!
    actually, now that i think about it, she said something like, in england the ugg boots are no longer cool. or something like that. but whatever! like, 90% of the girls at my school have boots, so im not too worried about them being 'out'. (:

  3. Like your new's uber cool!!

    btw there's an award waiting for you..
    check out my latest post :)

  4. cemi place:x
    unde-s facute?
    ca si daca i scris nu am fost atenta:))

  5. I actually miss summer too! When it is winter I wish it was summer and when it is summer I wish it was winter. sigh.
    Cute outfit!! Love the tee!

  6. Ioooiiiii! cat de mega dragutzeeee s pozele din Albac!! ...Mie de ce nu mi le ai aratat niciodata reaoo ?:o3


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